Public transport campaign

Letter to Andy Street

This week, your elected Officers sent an open letter to Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands. In it, they call for action on the cost of living for students by providing free transport for students in the area. 

14 Officers from across the Midlands joined us in signing the letter, which was also circulated around FE colleges and HE universities across the country by NUS, the National Union of Students. 

We look forward to hearing from the Mayor so that Dominika, Tom, and Natasha can meet and campaign for students at UCB. 



Our Letter in Full


Dear Andy Street,

On behalf of the student body of the West Midlands, I am writing to bring to your attention the pressing issue concerning the poor quality of the public transport system in the West Midlands, specifically in relation to the challenges faced by students.

The current state of public transport in our region is a matter of grave concern for student commuters. Many of our fellow students rely heavily on buses and trains to travel to and from College/University due to the rising cost of living as you are aware, the cost of living crisis has made it exceptionally difficult for students to make ends meet, forcing them to seek affordable housing farther away from campus, and this has created a significant barrier to accessing education. This reliance on public transport is compounded by the fact that the?cost to purchase a monthly student subscription has increased by roughly 12%[1]. This financial strain can lead to students making difficult choices between essential expenses, such as food and accommodation, and transportation to and from college/university. In addition,?overcrowded and unreliable public transport services not only lead to increased stress and fatigue among students but also hinder their ability to attend classes regularly and participate in essential campus activities. This has also created issues for social activities, which is needed for students' mental health and the student experience.

Moreover, the financial strain of transportation costs adds an additional burden on students already struggling to manage their budgets. We urge you to prioritise the improvement of the public transport system, especially for students. Investments in upgrading transportation infrastructure, increasing service frequency, and ensuring affordable fares can significantly alleviate the challenges faced by student commuters, free travel for students for a set period of time. Understanding the importance of education and the role public transport plays in ensuring equal access for all students, we kindly request your support in addressing these issues urgently. By enhancing the quality of our public transport system, we can facilitate a more inclusive and accessible educational experience for all students in the West Midlands.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your positive response and cooperation in making our public transport system student-friendly and accessible. Following up from the petition that the UCB Guild of Students have sent last year, we would like to request an initial meeting and work in collaboration moving forward.