Officer Reports

Your Officers

Every year, students at UCB elect three students to lead the Guild for the year ahead. They were elected by you, to represet you and do the work that matters to students at UCB.  We will keep you up to date with what they've been up to and give you the opportunity to hold them accountable, hear what they've been up to and ask questions about their priorities.

The three officer roles are:

  • Societies & Activities Officer,
  • Education Officer,
  • Equalities Officer. 

They make decisions on our priorities and what we do as an organisation. This includes everything from what campaigns they should lead on, what activities we should run or how the Guild should respond to student feedback.  

Executive Team Meetings

Each week during term time, the elected officers hold the Executive Committee Meeting where they make decisions collectively. This includes decisions on new society proposals, finances and Guild priorities. Due to the remit of the meetings, our minutes are available but only to current UCB students (the members of the Guild). 

You can access Exec meeting minutes here