Our Priorities

Every year, the Exec Team drive three annual objectives that form part of the Guild's Annual Plan. The Exec Team work with staff and the Guild Board to identify these, based on what is in their officer manifestos, as well as what students are saying they want from the Guild.

To go alongside these objectives, we identify "key results". Those of you who are studying business management will have probably heard of OKRs. They're super popular with companies such as Google and Apple. When you set key results, you're saying that if you achieve those results, you're confident you've delivered on your objectives. All full time officers and staff have key results they lead on.

Throughout the year, students get opportunities to feed into these goals, say how they think they are going, and even if they're the right things we should still be focussing on! Officers work with and for you - so student engagement and consideration really matters to make sure we're going in the right direction, together.

Staff also have objectives and goals. We're sharing these too, so you understand everything that goes on in running your Guild.

This year, our officers' objectives and key results are:

  • We'll shape student life for the better for college and uni students

    • Officers achieve 80% of their 5 Big Goals 
    • Students say the Guild represents their academic interests, achieving over 64% for this question in the 2022 NSS 
  • We'll establish ourselves as the recognised home for students at UCB

    • 85% of students say the Guild recognises them for who they are 
    • Students say they feel they belong at UCB, with UCB achieving over 70% for this question in the 2022 NSS 


  • We'll imbed inclusivity across the Guild

    • Society leadership reflects the racial diversity of UCB's students 
    • UCB holds its first ever Reclaim the Night 
    • 80% of BAME students say they belong at UCB 


What are the five big goals?

Officers have established five big goals that they are going to work on, as an Exec Team, throughout the year. These are in areas that should shape student life for the better. 


What do staff do then?

Alongside paid and volunteer officers, as well as tons of brilliant student leaders, the Guild has a small paid staff team that supports the delivery and running of the Guild. Staff do a lot of the admin work for the Guild. You've probably worked with some of our lovely team when you're buying things for your society, or doing things on the website. Staff also work closely with officers to coach and support them to do their roles. For all of the Officer objectives above, staff have their own key results that they work on for those objectives too. 

Alongside working on the above, this year staff are working on: 

  • Making sure the Guild is ready to keep growing and getting better in the future

    • Creating a longer term strategy for the Guild, with a clear reason and purpose for why we do what we do
    • Achieving mental health and wellbeing accreditation from Thrive at Work for its staff and volunteer experience
    • Achieving Investors in People - an award that looks at how well you support the people in your organisation to do a great job
    • Creating a Performance Framework, so we know how well staff are doing and how to support them to grow in their roles
  • Making sure we're well governed and led

    • Running our first in person elections for three years, with a goal to make them our best yet
    • Developing commercial income for the Guild, through merchandise (we <3 hoodies!) but also advertising sales and bringing in companies you love for things like Freshers
    • Creating an Accountability mechanism, to make sure officers understand what the wider student body wants them to do and to give students the proper democratic opportunities to shape the ongoing work of the Guild