Your Union

By the students, for the students!

Welcome to UCB Guild, the home of student life here at University College Birmingham.  

The Guild is an independent charity, led by a team of students elected every year by all the students here at UCB. We exist to make sure that you have an amazing experience whilst studying at UCB, whether you're at college or university.   

Our Values

By the students, for the students

Led by students, for the students. We represent students first and foremost, and it's what students need that will always be top of our priority list, followed by what students want. We elect our leaders every year, and then support them to take the Guild to new heights.

Forged in our city, forging our city

We're an institution full of creators. We bake cakes and we build businesses, we're make up artists and we're mixologists. Like the Jewellery Quarter where we're rooted, we take the raw materials of our city and turn them into precious goods. We're invested in Birmingham, making it a great place to live, work and study - and just like our city, we keep looking Forward.

Aiming high and playing fair

We are proud to be UCB. We believe in ourselves, our students, our staff and our institution. We are high esteem matched with high achievement. We fight for the recognition our students deserve, and take on outdated attitudes and elitist beliefs that a UCB education is anything but the best. Whether its on the rugby pitch or in the classroom, in the workplace or on a night out, UCB Guild believes in the equality and dignity of all our students and staff.


What do we do?

We provide you with opportunities to lead and grow

We're an institution full of creators. We bake cakes, and we build businesses. We're make up artists and we're mixologists - and we know that going along to your classes and lectures is just one part of the picture when it comes to getting all the skills and experiences you need to realise all your dreams. The Guild provides you with opportunities, support and guidance to take the lead and grow your futures. 

We make sure your voice is heard

The Guild represents students at UCB on the issues that matter to you. We do this in all sorts of ways, from sitting on senior boards and committees in UCB to meeting regularly with staff across all schools and courses to present the perspective of students and make sure you're included in the conversation. We're your biggest cheerleaders, standing up for you, and making sure you get the recognition and respect you deserve.

We champion and nurture our student community

We want to make sure that every single student at UCB feels that they belong here, and knows that UCB is their home. Through sports and societies, activities and events, the Guild is the glue that holds our student community together.      

University College Birmingham Guild of Students is a charity with registered charity number 1177734