Disability Item Fund

Disability Item Fund:

Disability Item Fund:

Charles, our Disabled Liberation rep has kickstarted the new Disability Item Fund campaign! This article explains the importance of disability support items and our mission to improve the lives of students with disabilities by aiming to empower, include, and promote equality in order to have a beneficial effect on students and their communities.


What is the Disability Item Fund?

The Disability Item Fund is a resource designated to support students with disabilities offering products such as disability pride items, Stim toys and sunflower lanyards, all of which greatly raise awareness and overall living standards.


What are the Disability Item Fund aims?

This campaign seeks to support equitable opportunities and the provision of equipment that students with disabilities require in order to promote positive well-being and enable students to lead fulfilled lives. With your help, we can achieve our goal of offering a greater selection of disability products in the future that can accommodate many types of disabilities. Below are a few retailers.

  • Stim toys –
  • Disability pride items – disabilityhorizons.com
  • Sunflower lanyard - hdsunflower.com

How to apply?

To apply, you would need to fill in the form here. The items are capped at £35 per application. If you would like multiple items please do detail this in the application form.

If you're interested in participating in contributing to the development of a Disability Item Fund Campaign, please contact hamza@ucbguild.co.uk