Reclaim the Night


We're hosting our first ever Reclaim the Night, to make a stand against gender-based violence.

We'll be marching from Summer Row (7pm) to Birmingham Library together. 

Our event is an inclusive space for all women including transgender women and the front of our march will be saved for those who identify as women. All allies are welcome to attend and support the march too. 

To attend - just grab your free ticket here. 

Reclaim the Night
10th May 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Summer Row
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We will be marching and taking a stance until women can walk the streets at night without the threat of violence. We will never give up, and we send strong messages of support to all our sisters at this time. We call on the Nightclubs and Government to hear our protest and our voices. And call on those who have had enough to take action. Stand with us in solidarity. We see you, Sarah Everard. We see you Sabina Nessa. We see you, women raising their voices and taking a stand against violence. We see you, women who go missing and are killed. We see you, Black women who go missing at higher rates but receive less public outrage. We reject the “not all men” excuse and are still angry that all women walk the streets in fear at night.

March for your friends and family, your colleagues, your daughters, yourself – march for all of us; march for a better world, free from violence and abuse.


I'm Interested in volunteering for Reclaim the Night! 

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