COVID Support Fund

We ran this campaign in 2020/21. Check our page here for our up to date campaigns. 

£100,000 is available for students, and our aim is to make students aware of the fund, to claim every penny!

We know covid has impacted students' ability to learn, earn and so much more!

  • Has your income been impacted or reduced? There are fewer job opportunities for students with services and facilities usually ran by fantastic student staff now closed! 
  • Need support for online learning? Studying at home is not easy, and in many cases, it is not cheap! If you need to upgrade your tech, purchase an online package or create a setup that works for you.
  • Are you struggling with paying rent? Whilst students not able to access their rooms in the Maltings have been given a rent break, there are students in private accommodation who are struggling with rent fees.

There are many more reasons that students might want to apply, not just the bullet points above. 

How to apply: You need to complete the application form with a brief explanation of what you're applying for and some evidence of your need for this. 

Application Deadline: The first application deadline is 28th January - all applications received will be considered and applicants will be emailed by the 5th February. If at this stage funding is still available, later applications will be considered. 

How much can I apply for? Individual circumstances will be looked at, by is likely that individual students won't be able to apply for more than £250.

Do I have to pay this money back? No, any money you get from the Fund is a grant, and won't have to be paid back.

I have more questions...If you have any questions about the application, or about our other hardship funding please contact University Finance on