Vice President

Blessing Osasogie

Blessing Osasogie | Vice President

Hello! I'm Blessing, your Vice President at UCB Guild. I've just graduated with a distinction in Enterprise Management Masters.

I head up the Guild's academic engagement, working to make our students' learning experience exceptional. I lead on the Guild's representation and advocacy work, as well as acting as the main point of contact between the Guild and academic staff. Meet the exec here!

What is Blessing working on this year?

Blessing's priorities this year are:

  • Leading campaigns from the Guild's five Big Goals

    • Big Goal 2: Black and Asian students are graded fairly

    • Big Goal 3: Better mental health and wellbeing for all

    • Big Goal 5: Increase satisfaction with placements and graduate opportunities

  • Establishing ourselves as the recognised home for students at UCB

    • Making sure students feel like they belong at UCB, with a particular focus on making sure BAME students feel like they belong


  • Shaping student life for the better

    • Making sure the Guild represents students' academic interests


Dream Job: I do not dream of labour. I am going to be a wealthy wife and mom living in a vacation home and travelling round the world also doing charitable work to especially children

If I were a meme: I would be a smiley face

If I were a building at UCB: I’d be McIntyre house if I were a UCB building, not too dull not too bubbly but really loud and busy when need be. Really colourful rooms especially the orange coloured walls. Plus I spent most of my time as a postgraduate student there

Favourite Cake: Strawberry and vanilla mix

Dance floor anthem: Any afro beat really gets me dancing and as I’m a bad dancer that would mean me nodding my head and swaying from side to side

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