Vice President

Alpha Jallow

Alpha heads up the Guild's academic engagement, working to make our students' learning experience exceptional. He leads on the Guild's representation and advocacy work, as well as acting as the main point of contact between the Guild and Student Services. 

Alpha's Facebook Quiz

Q1. Which Spice Girl are you?

Victoria Beckham as she's married to football icon

Q2. What's your favourite holiday destination?
Gambia (Home country) if not Dubai

Q3. What's your favourite Birmingham slang word? 

Q4. Which UCB building would you be, and why?
Summer Row - currently all student needs can be met from that building, has a mixture of different types of knowledge and solution to almost all student problems

Q5. What's your favourite cake?
Butter cake

Q6. Winter or Summer?
Bit of both :)

Q7. What's your guilty pleasure?

Q8. If you were a meme, what would you be?


Q9. What's your dancefloor banger?

Q10. What's your karaoke song?

Q11. What's your dream job?
Want my own business

Q12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully making some difference in the community and the business world, married and still connected to UCB.

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