Vice President

Blessing Osasogie

Blessing Osasogie | Vice President

Hello! I'm Blessing, your Vice President at UCB Guild. I've just graduated with a distinction in Enterprise Management Masters.

I head up the Guild's academic engagement, working to make our students' learning experience exceptional. I lead on the Guild's representation and advocacy work, as well as acting as the main point of contact between the Guild and academic staff. Meet the exec here!

Dream Job: I do not dream of labour. I am going to be a wealthy wife and mom living in a vacation home and travelling round the world also doing charitable work to especially children

If I were a meme: I would be a smiley face

If I were a building at UCB: I’d be McIntyre house if I were a UCB building, not too dull not too bubbly but really loud and busy when need be. Really colourful rooms especially the orange coloured walls. Plus I spent most of my time as a postgraduate student there

Favourite Cake: Strawberry and vanilla mix

Dance floor anthem: Any afro beat really gets me dancing and as I’m a bad dancer that would mean me nodding my head and swaying from side to side

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