Building Community as an Officer

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TLDR… "All Officers have a huge impact on the community here at UCB – the Full-Time roles of President and Vice-President support EVERY STUDENT and whilst the Volunteer roles are hands-on with Students Groups. If you want to build a community at UCB, being an Officer is HOW! Click here to stand or to nominate someone you think would be great!”

Standing in the UCB Guild Elections gives you the chance to build community at UCB and to lead the Guild to make a difference in the lives of every student! But how?

Here are just a few ways that Officers can build community at UCB!

Student Groups

Officers work hand-in-hand to support and guide Student Groups, offering advice, training, and helping groups to achieve their goals. Student Groups are a huge part of the UCB Community, and being an Officer puts you right in the middle of it! You support with funding allocation, organise collective campaigns, and can really make a difference to every student in every single student group!

Liberation Groups

Our Liberation Groups provide support and build a community for students who need it most. The Guild supports students and staff champions to build these communities with Officers! We recently have a committee ready to launch the LGBT Society, and groups who can lead the campaigns that matter to them, and Officers play a key support role.


We run loads of different campaigns as a Guild – lead by Officers and our students to support and engaged the community. Last November we focused on Men’s Mental Health with Movember and supported students who may be experiencing challenges with their mental health. You could be our Mo-Ambassador and lead events, activities and build a community of support.

As an Officer, you can also team up with NUS and decide which national campaigns to be part of and support. We believe #StudentsDeserveBetter in the pandemic, and this movement has just announced a HUGE win for funding students – one that directly affects students and the community at UCB!

We have Full-Time and Volunteer Roles to stand for in the Election.

  • Full Time (President and Vice President) these roles are full-time paid roles that drive and lead the Guild, you work hands-on in all aspects of the guild and drive every aspect of the community.
  • Volunteer (Student Communities Officer and Diversity Officer) these part-time roles allow students to study and be part of the Guild. Whilst you can get involved in everything, the main focus is building student groups and diversity – which is key to our fantastic community.

For all these roles, click here to stand and for all the information you need about this election!



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