Staff Make UCB Awesome

Staff make UCB awesome

Say thank you with the Guild!

It's been a really tough 12 months.

As well as being locked in our houses for most of the time, students have been having to work and study from home, completing essays, assignments and practicals without being able to go to class, hang out in EatSpace, use the library or just be in uni or college at all.

Yet what has stood out when talking with you around campus, or when you've filled in surveys about your experience, is just how grateful you've been for the care and support shown to you by the staff here at UCB.

That's why we wanted to help you recognise the amazing work staff at UCB have done throughout the pandemic and long before to make UCB awesome.

  • Maybe it's one of the security team who has gone out of their way to help you when you were new on campus and didn't know where to go?
  • One of your teachers who has always been encouraging and supportive of your ambitions and future career?
  • Someone in the 5th Floor Cafe at Summer Row who always makes sure you get the halal fish on a Friday without you having to ask anymore!

Whoever it is, whatever they have done to make UCB awesome - we want to give you the opportunity to say thanks, and brighten their day a bit. It's really easy too!


What do I have to do?

Just fill out the easy form below, that's it! If you have said you'd like to be involved in saying thanks, one of the team will be in touch soon.