How do I join a course based society?

You can get your free membership by signing up via the link on the society page.


How much does it cost?

Membership is free.


What events will there be?

The course based society committee will be organising the events and activities for the society. This could include employability/career based events, socials or campaigns. If you have a suggestion for an event – send us your idea to guildinfo@ucb.ac.uk.


Do I have to join the one most related to my course?

No! You can join any course based society you want (and even multiple). We encourage you to join the ones you’re interested in because of your course, future career ideas or interest area.


Can I only join one?

Not at all, you can have membership to multiple course based societies.


I’m an FE/college student, can I join?

Yes! Our course based societies are open to all members of the Guild (that’s all students at UCB!).


Who runs them?

Course-based societies are ran by a committee of students. If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, you can find more information here.