Covid Support Fund: Thank You

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One of our key goals as a Guild this year is to make sure that students have the right support through COVID-19. The student movement and the University were able to secure £100,000 from the Office of Students to support students at UCB. Our aim was to make sure that students knew about this fund, and that every penny available was not just applied for, but given out to the students who needed it.

This has been applied for with rent, study equipment and so much more supported. 

"Thank you to everyone who shared the information, we had well over 1000 downloads of the application from our site, and hundreds of students applied and have been supported. The next stage is to lobby the government and work with NUS and the University to make sure that this support continues and isn't just a one-off"  Esther Clisset (UCB Guild Student Communities Officer) on the Covid Support Fund.

We know that this time can have a negative effect on your Mental Health. The University Wellbeing team is working remotely to support you by phone or via online. You can request an appointment in the UCB portal. You can also access support in the community, with information available via the NHS and on our support pages.


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