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Our main elections are in March each year where you get a chance to elect the Executive Team for the Guild. The Executive Team is made up of five officers: 

  • President
  • Vice-President 
  • 3 Guild Executive Officers

The President & Vice-President are both full-time and paid. They take a year out of their studies, or run in their final year, to lead the guild. We also have three volunteer officers who take on the role of Guild Officer while studying. Collectively, these roles make up the Executive who lead the Guild, represent students academic interests and work to make studying at UCB the best time for students. 

The two full time officers also serve as Trustees on the Guild's Board. In addition to our March elections, we also run a number of other elections through the year, including society elections. 

For more information about elections, please contact our Deputy Returning Officer, Cassie O'Boyle (Membership Services Manager) at cassie@ucbguild.co.uk.