Forging Our City - Black History in Birmingham & Beyond

Forging Our City - Black History in Birmingham & Beyond

Forging Our City - Black History in Birmingham & Beyond

Mon 21 Oct 2019 10:00 - Fri 01 Nov 2019 16:00

GuildSpace, The Maltings

In the last two weeks of October, UCB Guild will be holding an exhibition in the GuildSpace, The Maltings, celebrating our Black history of Birmingham and beyond.

We're asking all students to nominate people who they believe deserve to be recognised for their contribution to our shared Black history at UCB. Maybe it's Cyrille Regis, Brendon Batson and Laurie Cunningham - West Bromwich Albion's Three Degrees, who led the way for Black footballers in the 1970s. Or perhaps it's someone closer to home, like your Grandma or an amazing teacher you had?

We asked some of the Guild team to share their nominations...

Ross, our Guild President, nominated Cyrille Regis

"Not only one of the Three Degrees at West Brom, Cyrille Regis also played for Coventry City! One of the greatest players of his generation, Cyrille faced horrendous racist abuse but stood strong against it, blazing a trail for black players who followed. He's a true West Midlands hero, with a statue dedicated to him and his fellow Three Degrees in West Bromwich and even a tram named after him."


Cassie, our Representation and Advocacy Coordinator, nominated our very own Vice-President, Alpha Jallow

"The first sabbatical Vice President Education at UCB Guild, Alpha is leading the way in how the Guild should support and engage students. Elected directly by students, Alpha puts student voice and representation at the heart of everything he does. Previously a volunteer Postgraduate Officer, he's been an active member of the student community ever since he started at UCB. Alpha gets stuff done, but never leaves anyone behind." 


Sarah, our Guild Manager, nominated the Windrush nurses

"Right towards the beginning of the NHS, there were massive staff shortages and the British Government began to advertise abroad for auxillary and trainee nurses. Hundreds of women came to Birmingham and the wider West Midlands from the Caribbean to help establish the NHS and provide healthcare. Despite the problems they faced being made unwelcome due to racism, and the horrible British weather(!), they stayed and were a fundamental part of building the healthcare system that we have today."

We'll be collecting all of your nominations until Wednesday 17th October, so get thinking!

How do I nominate someone?
Just e-mail with your nomination and a short reason why. If it's someone known personally to you, it would be great if you could also include a photo if possible so we can add that to the poster. If you would rather your name not be shared, let us know as well and you can nominate anonymously.