Volunteer as a Student Trustee

Lead the Guild - Become a Student Trustee

We have a great opportunity to become one of the Guild's Student Trustees, to steer and guide the work of the Guild of Students.

What's a Trustee?

Trustees sit on the Guild's Board of Directors, at the highest level in the Guild. Although they are not involved in the day to day running of the Guild, they keep an eye on how the Guild is performing financially as well as how it is doing in delivering on its aims and values for students.


Why does the Guild have trustees?

The Guild of Students is a registered charity, with its goals and aims agreed with the Charity Commission who regulate our work. In order to run effectively, the Guild has to appoint a Board to oversee its work and make sure its following the right processes. As part of that commitment to students, we ensure there are places on the Board for students to take part, supporting them to gain experience at this level and also making sure students are central in steering the work the Guild does.


Who is on the Board?

The Board is made up of two Elected Officers of the Guild - the President and Vice President; two/three students from UCB, and three external board members who are appointed for their skills and knowledge to support the Guild's governance and development. 


What would I do?

As a Trustee you would be required to:

  • Attend about 4 Board meetings a year, as well as training and induction. You'd also have to attend sub-committees
  • Prepare for Board Meetings by reading through papers and materials
  • Keep in regular contact via email with the other trustees

You would act as a Trustee for a full year, and may put yourself forward for re-appointment after a year if you continue to be a student. 


Why should I do it?

  • Being a trustee is an amazing experience to understand the workings of a charity. 
  • You will learn a huge amount about company and charity leadership, and get a say in steering how the Guild is working to the benefit of students. 
  • you will get full training and support to help you undertake the role effectively as well as benefit your future career. 
  • Being a student trustee is a great experience to put on your CV - it shows companies that you have experience of senior leadership and that you have strategic experience too. We will also support you in translating your experiences as a trustee into great examples for applications and interviews.
  • It's a chance to give something to the Guild and to students at UCB

Ok, I'm sold! What should I do?

We currently have no student trustee vacancies - please keep your eye on the site for more info later in the year.