Resources for UCB Staff

This page contains information about the UCB Guild Elections for 2020/21 for Staff at University College Birmingham.

Annualy, students at UCB elect 5 students to lead the Guild in the following year. These roles include President, Vice-President, Student Communities Officer, Diversity Officer and a College Officer.

For more information on each role, please see our role descriptions here. 

Important Dates:



9am, 29th January – 1pm, 4th March

Nominations Open

9th – 13th March

Candidate Academy

1pm, 13th March.

Manifesto Deadline

9am, 16th March – 4pm, 19th March

Voting Open (Campaigning must only happen between these dates and times)



Rules & Regulations:

We want to encourage fun, vibrant and exciting campaigns, but elections must also be free and fair. That is why we are providing guidelines on the elections for all candidates.

The election rules can be found here. 

University and Guild staff are allowed to generally support the elections, and encourage students to get involved and vote. They should not show any favour or support for any specific candidate. 


How can you help, as a member of University staff?

1. Encourage students that you know to run to be a Guild Office

Encouraging the students that you work with to run in the election might give them the confidence boost that they need. It could be that you've noticed a Course Rep is a great advocate and would be good at the job, or that you know one of your students is looking for work in leading a charity!

If you'd prefer to do this anonymously, you can send in an anonymous recommendation here. Using your submission we will contact the student to let them know that someone thinks they would make a great Guild Officer. 


2. Let students know that nominations are open

Promote nominations in your classes, when you talk to students or via your canva pages. Nominations are open now, until 1pm on Wednesday 4th March. Students can nominate themselves here.


3. Help train students at Candidate Academy

Candidate Academy is a series of training and workshop opportunities that we offer to students who are interested in running in the election. These sessions include information on campaigning, training on comms, social media and public speaking. Our full programme of activity can be found here. 

If you have experience in these areas and can offer an hour during the week commencing 9th March 2020 to deliver a training session, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Cassie O'Boyle, our Representation & Advocacy Coordinator at

4. Encourage students to vote during the elections

During elections, encourage students you work with to vote. You could do this via a lecture shoutout, a slide in a presentation, chatting in one-to-ones or using a Canvas notification. We think it's really important for students to exercise their democratic rights and having champions in the University promoting this too would be great! 


5. Invite us to your classes

Our current Guild Officers are available to do lecture shout-outs or come to tutorials to chat to students about the Guild Elections and why they are important. If you'd like us to come to one of your classes,  please contact Cassie O'Boyle, our Representation & Advocacy Coordinator at


6. Tell us about your experience of working with a Guild Officer (or even being a Sabbatical Officer if you've been one!)

If you've ever worked with a Guild Officer, or been a sabbatical Officer yourself before, we would love to hear your testimony below!


UCB Guild Leadership Elections - Testimonies