I’m in the middle of my studies, can I still run to be a full-time officer?

Anyone who is a current student of University College Birmingham, whether they are in FE or HE, full time or part time, can run to be one of the full time paid officers. The winner of the election will be able to take a year out of their studies in order to take up the role and return to their studies following completing the role.

I’m about to complete my studies, can I still run to be a full-time officer?

You would be able to take up the full-time officer role as a sabbatical immediately after you finish.

I’m a February starter, can I still run to be a full-time officer?

Yes! All students can run and take a sabbatical from their studies.


I’m an international student here on a student visa, can I still be a full-time officer?

Yes. Many international students across the UK successfully run to be full-time officers in their universities and are supported to extend their visa. We would provide you with advice and support should you be elected.


I currently receive student finance, how will this be affected if I take a year out to be a full-time officer?

Your student finance payments will be paused while you take up your role, and you will receive a wage for your work. When you go back to your studies, you will receive your funding again.


I am currently receiving benefits while I study, will these be affected if I am elected to a full time paid role?

The full-time role will come with a wage, and this will likely affect any means-tested benefits you receive. If you are in this situation, we would advise taking advice from your local job centre who will be able to advise further


I am completing my studies this year. Can I run to be a part-time officer next year?

Part-time officers do not take a break from their course and are instead volunteers alongside their studies. As such, you can only take up a part-time officer role if you will be a student in July 2020. Should you complete your studies before July 2021, then you would finish the role with your studies and the Guild would run a new election to replace you.


If you have a question that isn't listed above, just send our Representation & Advocacy Coordinator, Cassie, an e-mail at c.oboyle@ucb.ac.uk.