Pole Fitness

Welcome to pole fitness and exotic flow! 

Enjoy an alternative way to get healthy, challenge yourself and achieve your goals. Get stronger and fitter and most of all, have fun doing it with pole!

We will play with some beautfiul tricks and combos as well as practising some sexy flow sequences- We have beginner, intermediate and advanced options for our flow routines.

We welcome all people, even if you have never tried pole before! We start from the basics and then progress as you advance.

Ideally you will need some shorts for good grip, however, if you prefer to wear long trousers at the start please feel free if you feel more comfortable. Any top is fine, however, some of the more advanced moves do require you to use certain parts of the upper body for grip so a vest may be a good idea. Bare feet is advised as we often use the feet to grip pole. Tip: Avoid moisturiser on the hands and legs that day! Moisturising, even in the morning on the day of the class can cause oily skin and significantly decrease your ability to grip the pole. Try to wash your hands at the start of the class to remove any oil or grease on the skin. 






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