Society Awards Scheme

Society Awards Scheme

The Society Awards Scheme is UCB Guild’s funding and recognition model for societies.

Whether you want to start a small board games society that meets weekly, or a competitive sports team that competes in the BUCS leagues, we want to make sure that access to the Guild and its societies is fair and easy to understand. For more information on how to start a society, click here. 


All societies registered at UCB Guild have access to: 

  • A membership page on the Guild website
  • Access to room bookings at UCB
  • Full training and support from the Guild staff & officers
  • 100% of your membership fees that your society raises (You don’t have to charge membership fees if you don’t want to, but we'd recommend it if you want to do more than just meet regulary in a room on campus) 


We want to celebrate your achievements as a society, and provide support for you to achieve your society golas over the year ahead. We know that not all societies will want to be huge, require loads of funding or seek to undertake large scale projects. For you, some simple steps will give you a Bronze Award. 

If you're a Bronze Society, you'll get: 

  • Support with competing in local league sporting competitions if you're a sports team


For those that want to run larger scale activity, or run a more expensive society, we offer a Silver Award. 

If you're a Silver Society, you'll get: 

  • All of the benefits of being a Bronze Society 
  • Access to be entered into BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) if you're a sports team
  • Access to funding to take part in competitions
  • Access to the Society Development Fund, an additional pot of money that you can bid into for special events, activities or a society development projects


And for our biggest and most succesfull groups who live our values and embody exactly what UCB Guild stands for, we offer a Gold Award. 

If you're a Gold Society, you'll get: 

  • All of the benefits of being a Silver Society 


Award Levels

Starter Society – you have access to 100% of your membership fees

  • Fill in society application form
  • Application form approved by Exec
  • You have a Chair and a Treasurer



Silver and Gold Societies are also eligible to bid for Society Development Funds






Providing the warmest welcome






You have a stall at Freshers and Refreshers






Your society puts on activities for at least one University induction or open day, and runs at least one discrete activity for students over the Welcome period



You can evidence creative and engaging involvement in several University open days, and have run multiple welcome activities across Welcome, Freshers, Refreshers and induction


Growing and retaining your membership







You have 10 signed up members







You can evidence that you are actively seeking to grow your society outside of your initial group, and that new members are engaging – whether that’s through a large increase in member numbers, being able to show that new members are core to activity or demonstrating outreach activities

80% of your members are engaged in all of your core society activity – footballers play football, cheer leaders cheer etc. Your members stay with your society and grow with you.




Building our UCB Community















Students can rely on you. If you’re a sports team, you fulfil all of your games and training slots as agreed at the start of the year. If you’re a society you hold at least one event a month in term time and students know its happening  – if you need to rearrange a session, you do so and students and staff know about it.








You work with at least two other societies to put on events and activities aimed across the whole of UCB.


If you’re a sports team, you demonstrate you’re working with societies and not just sports teams and vice versa.









Your society is at the heart of UCB life, students who aren’t active parts of your society know you exist and get involved in what you do.

You have both College and University students   showing an active involvement in your activities.

Student leaders from your society get involved in wider UCB life – they attend student council, are course reps, run in elections and care about UCB and the Guild as whole, they don’t just advocate for your society.












You undertake some fundraising activities for your society









You develop a fundraising plan where you detail how you will raise money, goods or services for your society across the course of the year.







You use a variety of creative methods to raise funds and resources for your society, ensuring you can invest in new initiatives.


You raise money for charities, community services or other societies besides yourselves, and you support fellow societies and teams in their fundraising activities.

Equality at the heart of everything we do










Your society has a mix of members from different courses, schools, backgrounds and experiences.








You can demonstrate that your society practices inclusivity in its activities, culture and community building.

Your society mission involves reaching out across barriers and communities, building intercultural partnerships and offering a mixed range of activities and opportunities to bring together the broadest range of our community.


You are leading the way on equality at UCB and setting an example for other societies, as well as supporting them in their inclusivity goals.


You hold multiple events with multiple societies, get involved with the Guild’s liberation work, promote equality campaigns and champion equality in everything you do.