Organise events/activities

How do I organise an event or activity as a society?

The first stop for everything to do with your society is through the Activities Dashboard on the website. All events and activities must be submitted here with 14 days notice to give us time to process and support your event.

All Societies Captains and Treasurers will automatically be given access. If you would like any other other society member - whether a committee member or not - to have access, just let your staff lead know and they will set this up.

If you need assistance on using the Activities Dashboard, you can access a How To... guide here


How to submit an event or activity

  • Go into the Activities Dashboard
  • Click on All Activities on the tabbed bar
  • Click on the green button titled ‘+ New Activity’
  • Fill in the details under Activity Details.
  • Tick the required boxes under On-Campus Activity, Off-Campus Activity and Fixture – this will generate which additional forms you need to fill in on the next screen.
  • Complete a description.
  • Add any notes you might have for staff to see. You could use this if there’s any info you want to share with the staff team.
  • Click ‘Save and Submit’ to submit it. If you aren’t ready to submit it yet you can click ‘Save (As Draft)’ but this will not submit your form to the Guild so be careful.
  • When you submit the form, the next page will contain a list of the forms you now need to fill in as part of your event, such as a visiting speaker form, transport request or fixture details.


What forms do I need to fill in for my event?

Depending on the event, the forms you need to complete will be provided for you after you have completed the New Activity form. Broadly, they are:

Every Event of Activity
  • Health and Safety Checklist
  • Activity Attendee Form
Off-Campus Activity
  • Trip Registration Form

If you require a room

  • Room Booking Form

If you're inviting a speaker or workshop leader

  • Visiting Speaker Form

If you require transport

  • Transport Request Form

If it's a sporting event

  • Fixture Details Form 


If you need help with any of these forms, we've created some videos here to assist you.