Start a Society or Sports Team

Got a great idea for a group? Apply today and become UCB Guid's  newest society! 

UCB Guild is run by students, for students. All of our societies are student run and student led, created by students just like you who want to come together to build an amazing community experience at UCB. Creating your own society comes with lots of great benefits, including:

  • Access to funding
  • Access to booking rooms at UCB
  • Publicity and promotion through Guild channels, including across campus
  • Support, development and guidance from staff and officers in the Guild
  • An amazing community support network from fellow clubs and societies


Nearly all societies and clubs are accepted, so don't be worried about putting an idea forward. We'll help you to get your idea off of the ground, and support you to think about ways you can fundraise and get fellow students involved to support you.

Here's how to create a new society: 

Step 1: First of all, check there isn't an existing club or society undertaking the same activities or based on the same idea. We aren't very likely to have two groups doing the same thing, so if someone else is already doing what you're interested in, we'll connect you to join that society and get involved in making that one a success. 


Step 2: Get a group of UCB students together to sit down and discuss what the basic activities of your society are going to be. You need an absolute minimum of 2 people - just you and someone else - but we would encourage you to recruit as many students as is possible. The more students you have involved, the more membership money you can raise and the more funding we can give you to support you in your goals.


Step 3: Set up a meeting with the Guild so that we can discuss your idea. You can do this by e-mailing our Representation & Advocacy Coordiantor at 


Step 4: Meet with a Guild Officer to talk through your ideas and get some support and advice on next steps. We'll help you to fill in the society application form in the meeting. 


Step 5: Submit your Society Application form. We'll have supported you to complete this and submit it to the Executive Committee (a meeting of all of the Guild Officers), where they will affiliate you as a student group. 


Step 6: Wait to hear back from the Guild. Most likely, you'll be welcomed as the newest society in the Guild Society family! If not, it's probably that we need you to do something small to make it happen. It's our goal to support as many students as possible to be able to set up clubs and societies so we'll support you every step of the way.


Step 7: Decide who will be part of your organising committee. Now that you're approved, you'll need to confirm who your committee members are. You only need two roles as a minimum - a Student Lead (President/Chair/Captain) and a Treasurer. These have to be two different people. You can also have additional roles, you might want a Social Secretary, a Social Media Officer, an Editor or different representatives for areas in your society. It all depends on what roles you need to make your society a success. 


While you're getting up and running, here's what we'll be doing to support you: 

  • We'll allocate you an Officer champion 
  • Support you with completing any paperwork or processes 
  • Provide you with training and development as a new society 
  • Create you a webpage on the Guild website so that you can begin getting students to join your society 
  • Provide you with admin permissions to edit your Guild webpage
  • Add you to our mailing lists so that your up-to-date with all society information 


If you've been approved but you're not sure what to do next, read our First 90 Days Society Guide for advice and guidance on having the best first 3 months as a society at UCB.