Manage your Memberships

As Society Leaders, you'll be responsible for managing your memberships. 

All societies will have a membership. This membership could be free, or you may decide to charge. Particularly for those charging students to join your society, you'll need to ensure all students engaging in your activity have paid their membership fee. 

How to Join a Society 

To join a society, students should find their chosen group on our page here: To pay for their membership, they'll need to log in (using their credentials from Portal) and add the membership to their basket. This works just like online shopping and students will be able to enter their payment details once they've checked-out. 

For support with this, students can contact our team via our online chat which will pop-up on every webpage. 


Who are your members? 

Your members are students that have joined your society. You can find the names of your current members through the Guild website. Please follow this step-by-step guide on viewing your memberships: This is also a great way for you to search for if a student has a membership to your group.


Contacting your members

You may want to contact your members with news, updates or information on an upcoming activity. Please follow this step-by-step guide on contacting your members: