Manage your Finances

All societies will need to use the Student Group Finance system in order to process their finances. 


What will the Student Group Finance System be used for?

  • Requesting Cash
  • Any third-party purchases  i.e. Amazon
  • Money required for any services provided
  • If you’ve spent your own money and need to request for it back from the Guild


How can I access it?

Select your committee page on the Guild website and select the SGF tab. This will take you to the page that you need to submit a request or get an update on previous finance requests.


What if I don't use the system?

If you don't use the finance system, you will not be able to access your budget or funds that are allocated to your society. 


Can I access all of my society funds at once? 

The guild budget allocated will not be given to you in full it will stay in a holding account and you will gain access to the funds needed once the request has been put through the system.


Do I need to keep receipts?

All receipts for purchases made must be uploaded onto SGF in order for the payment to be approved. These must be full receipts which include the VAT number and not only confirmation e-mails/messages. 


If you have any technical problem accessing the SGF through your committee page then please get in touch with either myself on or Cassie on