Put Content on Digital Screens

Societies can make use of the digital screens around campus to promote their group, their events or activities. 

To add content to the digital screens, please create your assets using the following information and e-mail them to c.oboyle@ucb.ac.uk. You will need to send this over at least a week before you want them to be publicised. 


There are two orientations (portrait and landscape) and three different sized screens. You'll need to create your assets in (one, or more) of the following pixel dimensions: 

1080(W) x 1920(H)

1120(W) x 640(H)

1920(W) x 1080(H)


These files will need to be all in RGB in either Jpeg or PNG file format. 

We'd recommend using Canva as a design tool which you can access for free here.