Hire a Coach for your society


It is possible for the Guild to hire a coach for your society. However, you should consider carefully if you need one. The cost of a coach can quickly add up, and it will make your society fees much higher. Can you coach yourselves, use online videos or seek support from a lecturer or staff member at UCB? All of these things will make your society much cheaper and make it more accessible to more students.

If you do need a coach, you will need to make sure you have done the following things:

1. Agree the cost of the coach into your budget. If you run out of money for the coach in your budget, we won't be able to pay them any more.

2. Contact guildinfo@ucb.ac.uk or your staff contact to get a draft Coaches' Pack drawn up. We will need to know the name of your potential coach and an email address to contact them.

3. Your coach must then return the pack to the Guild staff contact.

From this information, we will be able to issue a contract to your coach. In almost all cases, your coach will be an employee of the Guild, and be paid monthly on the Guild's payroll. The Guild will deal with payments and deduct this from your society balance.

Under no circumstances should you use a Coach until this has been agreed with the Guild, and a contract has been issued and signed by them. We will be unable to make payments for any coaching that takes place without this. This because we need to ensure your coach has the right qualifications and insurance, as well as have a copy of a DBS Check which checks for any criminal record that might cause an issue. 

A new Coaches' Pack will be issued each academic year, with a new contract.