Advertise your event or society

To ensure your events are successful and are well attended, be proactive with advertising your event and your society and ask your members to help.

The Guild can help by providing the following support: 


Digital posters

Digital posters can be displayed on the digital screen at reception in Moss House and on the digital screens around campus. You can use them to promote not only specific events but also your society and to encourage people to join. 

Digital posters need to be of a good quality - please ensure spelling and grammar is correct and remember to keep them simple with minimal words. To display the event or society, it must be open to all students.

For the SU screen, the formats is landscape, in JPEG format and 1920 x 1080 pixels.

For the long portrait screens the format needs to be portrait, JPEG and 1080 x 1920 pixels.

To have your event advertised please send the information for the event in the required format to your society's staff lead.



Flyers can be handed to people to promote events but not left on tables across the University. Again, consider the design quality of your promotion and make sure it gives someone who takes it the next step they need to take - whether that's a weblink to find out more info or a time and date to attend an event.


Social media

All society events can be shared across any Guild social media. If you want images or promotion reshared, tag the Guild in your post. Social media is managed by staff, so if you have anything you want directly shared by the Guild not from your IG or FB, please get in touch with your society staff lead in the first instance.