We've pulled together a selection of some of the most common questions societies are asking us. If you can't find your query answered here, get in touch with your society staff lead.

We want to drive to an event, is this possible?

A fellow society member can drive other society members to an event, providing they have registered as a driver with the Guild. Petrol will be reimbursed at the HMRC rate, which pays a set amount of money for the miles travelled.

You can register as a driver using the Driver Registration Form

Once this has been processed, that society member will be recorded as a driver on your system for that vehicle and the length of time of the validity of their insurance.

This must be done in advance of any trips, and we will be unable to reimburse any costs if it is not. 

If you would like someone who isn't a society member to drive you, please get in touch for a conversation as they may be required to have a higher grade insurance, undertake a DBS check or other checks.