Society Funding

Society Funding

We have over 25 student groups at UCB Guild and we’ve ring-fenced funding to ensure that we can support you with your activities. You can apply for funding from Societies Forum based on your funding proposal.

Your proposal should include what your aims are for the year, how these align with the Guild’s goals, how you will achieve them and the amount of funding you need for this.

Who is eligible? Current Guild societies and student groups.

Time commitment: 5 out of 5 – As a society, you’re student ran and your committee is responsible for developing and delivering on society activity as well as managing your budget, spending and funding.

Support available: Every society has an Officer Champion who can support you in your society role. You also have a key-staff contact within the Guild who can support and give advice and guidance on operational issues.

I’m Interested, what next?  We will provide information prior to Societies Forum about pulling together your funding proposal, please contact if you have any questions or need any support before then.

Total funding amount: £2000

Remaining funds: £2000