Student Ideas

Student Ideas

Student Ideas is a new funding opportunity open to all students at UCB and we want to help turn your ideas into reality. Your idea could be anything from a one-off activity, a competition, training event, an exhibition, or a stall…the list is endless.

Who is eligible? All current students at UCB.

Time commitment: 3 out of 5 – you’ll come up with the idea and with our support, lead on planning and delivering it. However, this could be a one-off activity, in which case it wouldn’t have a long-term time commitment attached to it.

Support available: We will provide training, advice, and guidance to help you safely and effectively plan and execute your idea. We can also offer support in terms of promotion and communication to students.

I’m Interested, what next? You can submit your idea here: and we’ll be in touch.

Total funding amount: £1500

Remaining funds: £1500

To apply, your idea just needs to relate to one of our key goals: 


1. Shaping Student Life

Your idea will help shape student life for the better at UCB and could impact any part of student experience for example – accommodation, placement or teaching and learning.

For Example: Running a campaign in halls to make students’ accommodation experience better.


2. Inclusive for All

Your idea will focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion of students at UCB, ensuring every student gets an opportunity to take part in something they’re interested in.

For Example: Running a weekly coffee-meet up for students who are also parents, where they can bring their children along.


3. Building Community

Your idea will create a home for students at UCB and make students feel part of a community. This could be social activities, trying out new hobbies together or simply a space for people to make new friends.

For Example: You want to run an end-of year course mixer for all students in Creative Services.