Staff Champions

UCB Guild of Students are looking for Staff Champions to support our newly developed Course Based Societies.


If you're a member of staff at University College Birmingham who is passionate about student experience and supporting student leaders - we'd love to hear from you. 

The role of a Staff Champion is to: 

  1. Support the Course Based Society (CBS) Committee to deliver and develop on their aims and activities
  2. Provide high quality support, advice and guidance for each member of the CBS Committee on their role
  3. Promote student representation and CBS activity across UCB
  4. Be a point of contact within the school for students, the CBS Committee, Guild staff and student officers
  5. Support the delivery of projects that develop engagement with a diverse range of the student body
  6. Develop and maintain effective partnerships with UCB Guild, UCB staff and the student community, as well as other stakeholders
  7. Support the delivery of events and campaigns that foster a sense of togetherness and build communities within the school, or interest area
  8. Provide students and the CBS Committee with information on University processes and meeting structures
  9. Advise students and the CBS Committee on the appropriate route and level for student feedback to be acted upon
  10. Communicate relevant information effectively with UCB Guild and the CBS

If you'd like more information, please E-Mail our Representation and Advocacy Coordinator at