Alice Young

Alice Young | President

Hi! I’m Alice Young, the President of the Guild. I am a graduate of Specialist Hair and Media Makeup. I started at UCB in 2015 so at this point, I consider myself part of the furniture. 

As Lead Officer, I head the Executive Team and Vice-Chair of the Guild's Board of Trustees. I am the principal Guild representative to UCB's senior leadership team, sitting on the Corporation Board of UCB and the Senior Management Team of the University. A large part of my role is around representing all students at UCB at different levels within UCB and to try and ensure students have an amazing student experience. 

What is Alice working on this year?

Alice's priorities this year are:

  • Leading the officer team to deliver against the Guild's five Big Goals

    • as well as leading on Big Goal 4: Prevent Sexual Harrassment and Violence

  • Embedding an inclusive culture across the Guild

    • Delivering UCB's first ever Reclaim the Night

    • Ensuring society leadership is representative of the full diversity of UCB students


Why did you get involved in the Guild? 

I became part of a society in my last year at UCB which opened my eyes to the Guild. I had a tough journey when I was at UCB, I struggled with my mental and physical health at numerous different points and the support wasn’t there. I always took the role of being a ‘big sister’ to many of my friends and peers so when I saw I had the opportunity to support, empower and make change for everyone at UCB and take that ‘big sister’ role to all students, I jumped at it and became Vice President. While I’m that role I felt so empowered making change, empowering student voice and so I definitely was not ready to leave so I ran for President and thankfully was able to stay part of an amazing organisation.


What’s your dream job? 

This is a tough one. I have lots of different dream jobs such as to be a painter or a paramedic. 


What meme best describes you? 


If you were a building at UCB, which would you be and why? 

I’d love to say Moss House, bright, sophisticated, fresh however I think I’m more like Summer Row, older, a bit run down, practical and a bit all over the place! 


What’s your favourite cake?

Chocolate cake. No doubt about it! 


What’s your dancefloor anthem?

This is a tough one… this last year it has to be Goosebumps (remix) by Travis Scott & HVME however any old school banger comes on, I’m straight on that dance floor!