Diversity Officer

Paula Couto

Paula works to ensure all students feel welcomed, supported and included at UCB, championing initiatives for groups the Guild recognise need better inclusion, such as black and minority ethnic students, and LGBT students.

Paula's Facebook Quiz

Q1. Which Spice Girl are you?

Any of them

Q2. What's your favourite holiday destination?
The beach

Q3. What's your favourite Birmingham slang word? 
I don't have one

Q4. Which UCB building would you be, and why?
MH. Organised, light and efficient.

Q5. What's your favourite cake?
Strawberry with white chocolate or just one of them

Q6. Winter or Summer?

Q7. What's your guilty pleasure?

Q8. If you were a meme, what would you be?


Q9. What's your dancefloor banger?

Q10. What's your karaoke song?

Q11. What's your dream job?
CEO in a company I like or own

Q12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Working abroad

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