Student Communities Officer

Caprice Balu

Caprice Balu | Student Communities Officer

I’m Caprice, a 2nd Year student studying Aviation & Airport Management and the current Student Communities Officer for the Guild (as well as a Course Rep and Student Ambassador).

What does your role do? In a nutshell my role revolves around fun! It helps students find their feet by joining societies or making new ones, raises awareness of any issues students are facing and assists in running campaigns/solutions so that the UCB culture is as engaging, inclusive, and fun as can be.

Why did you get involved in the guild? To feel empowered in facilitating change for students, actions speak louder than words I want to get involved with as many activities and experiences UCB has to offer.

What’s your dream job? Helicopter Pilot / RAF Fast Jet Pilot

If you were a building at UCB, which would you be and why? Mcintyre House; The sophisticated facilities with a pizza oven on the lower floor adds mystery and fun to the smart exterior, I’d like to believe I can relate.

What’s your favourite cake? Chocolate fudge cake heated up with a dollop of cream

What’s your dancefloor anthem?

What meme best describes you? Side eye Chloe

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