Nominate a Mate

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UCB Guild Leadership Elections: Nominate a Mate!

We all know someone who would make a great student leader. It could be the rep on your course who has made sure your concerns have been listened to, someone on your sports team who has stepped up when you’ve needed it, or someone who isn’t even in a formal role like this but who makes a difference for you and your mates.

This year, we want you to show them your appreciation for their great leadership skills and nominate them to stand to be a Guild Officer.  You can remain completely anonymous if you wish, but if you share your details with us, and your mate ends up running for election, we will enter you in a prize draw  to win a goodie bag from the Guild - including cinema tickets, a Guild Hoodie & more!

You can nominate them here!

You can find more information about the elections and resources for potential candidates on our web pages!


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