The health and safety of all students and staff at UCB is the number one priority for the Guild at this time. 

Last Updated: 17:00, Wednesday 24th June 2020

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus - COVID-19 - we will be working closely with University College Birmingham to ensure that you are provided with support, advice and guidance through this difficult time, in line with the advice and guidance provided by the Government and Public Health England.


What are the Guild doing to help?

We know that both Coronavirus and the impact of how it is being handled all over the world is having a big impact on you as people. Many students have returned home which means some have left Birmingham and the UK, while others are still in their student homes and halls with a number of you there because you have been unable to return home even though you have wanted to.

We will do our absolute best to support you during this time, and encourage you to join our UCB Guild COVID-19 Support Group on Facebook. Our staff and officers are here to answer any queries and provide you with advice and support, as well as providing a space just to keep in touch and chat about how everyone is doing.

You can also get in touch with us via our live chat window on the website, where one of our team will be available to chat with you, or via e-mail at

We've also launched our Support Our Students campaign (S.O.S). This campaign outlines the changes that should be made to be support our students here at UCB both locally at the University, and Nationally. This campaign has been developed with your experiences and views at the heart of it. For more information on updates, or how you can get involved, please see our page here.


What you need to do to keep each other safe

The government updated advice is that, you must now 'stay alert' to the risk of coronavirus. What this means practically is: 

You should stay at home as much as possible, and if it is possible to work from home you should. 

You need to keep your distance from other people, a minimum of 2 metres, but you can see one person from a different household at any one time as long as it is outside and at a distance. Where this is not possible, from 4th July, you should keep a distance of a minimum of 1 metre with additional precautions such as wearing a face mask. 

You should wash your hands regularly still. 

If you or anyone in your house has symptoms of Coronavirus, you should not leave the house. 

Some people, such as those who have a fever or a new cough, or those who are very vulnerable, should not leave the house at all. If you're unsure if that applies to you, we've explained what you need to do here

From June 15th, many more shops and services will be open. However, you will still be expected to keep a 2 metre distance and follow these regulations when possible. Additional businesses will be open from July 4th, including outdoor gyms, cinemas, museums, galleries, libraries, social clubs and community centres. 

If you live ALONE, or just with children, you are able to form a "bubble" with one other household. This household can have many more people in it, but they can only form this bubble with one person from a single household. You will be able to enter each other's homes, stay overnight and not need to maintain a 2 metre distance.

From 4th July,  two households at a time, of any size should be able to meet in any setting inside or outside. This does not always need to be the same two households.

If you are concerned about your health or the health of someone you live with, go online to, or call 111. Do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital.

You can also access further government information at GOV.UK/CORONAVIRUS.


What's happening at UCB?

All University buildings are closed, with the exception of the Maltings and Cambrian Hall as these are open for those students who are still living there. 

Teaching will continue online for the remainder of this academic year, except for some FE students who will be returning to specific course from mid June.

For these students, Summer Row and Richmond House will be open.  

If you have any further questions or concerns, the University is regularly updating its information on their website, or get in touch with us at the Guild via our live chat window which you can access by clicking "chat with us" on the right side of your screen. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions

We know it is a very confusing time, and that many of us are unsure what to do whether its to do with College, Uni or our home lives. We're here to support you and we'll do our best to answer as many of your questions as we can. If we haven't already, please submit it below and we'll get back to you as well as updating the website.

For a full list of FAQs, please see the bar at the side of this webpage.

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What's happening with housing and accommodation, whether I'm in student housing, private rental or own my own home? 

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